Fusha by Marie Claudinette Jean

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Fusha by Marie Claudinette Jean: Innate Sense of Style

Marie Claudinette Jean, designer and owner of Fusha Designs, is creating a brand new category in couture.

She combines her love of 18th century fashions and the aristocratic flamboyance and elegance from that historical period, with her inherent modern sensibility.

The collection is comprised of custom made pieces that are sophisticated, sexy and elegant.

Born in Haiti, Marie Claudinete and her family moved to New Jersey, where she and her husbandm music legend Wyclef Jean, still reside.

With the early influence of her mother, who gave her a sense of individual style, a supportive family who believed in her ability and a dream to become a fashion designer, Marie Claudinette has combined her roots with a driving ambition.

Her innate talent for design is one fo the fashion business’ best-kept secret. Handbeading, extra-ordinary fabric combinations, and an innovative use of color are all elements of her design approach.

Each season, the Fusha collection includes elaborately beaded evening gowns, hip leather jumpsuits and colorful cocktail dresses.

Launched in 2000, the Fusha collection offers luxurious fashions for women. Marie Claudinette has established a notable following which includes many celebrities.

Notably, she dressed her husband and his band for performance at the European MTV Music Awards. As a result, “Style” dubbed Wyclef one of entertainment’s top-ten best dressed men.

Flusha Designs, INC.
499-7th Ave Suite 1601 So
New York, New York 10018

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