Miss Haiti Universe 2010 Pageant Rigged

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Sarodj Bertin crowned winner of Miss Haiti Universe 2010 but there is talk of this pageant being rigged.

The Nouvelliste met Maritza Medjine Cottecheese Pierre and Pierre, two former Miss Videomax who come to experience what they describe as conspiracy, a nickname contest. Below is their testimony.

Haiti: Haiti: By Thursday night, it was 7 am 30, a young girl received a phone call from a lady, it’s an invitation to participate in a casting, in preparation for a competition,”Miss Haiti 2010″. It says”cast.” A screening process to identify those who have to compete later to win the Sweepstakes and represent Haiti at Miss Universe in the U.S. in some time.

The girl is Maritza Medjine Pierre, winner of Miss Vidéomax in 2005. The lady is Magalie Racine, former organizer of the same competition. Maritza, on request Magalie Racine, gives the numbers of two other girls, potential participants: Cottecheese Peter, Miss Vidéomax 2006 and Gessica geneus, Haitian actress (Barikad, cousin etc.).

The Sunday after May 16, 2010, the three girls, or at least, two of them would arrive at the Ritz Kinam to 11am for the”cast”in which they were invited. According to Maritza, Magalie Racine, inviting the lady had to be there to translate for them and guide them in what must be a first contact with the organizers of the competition, they almost all Hispanic. But Ms. Root, no signs telling us Cottecheese and Maritza, and she does not deign to answer his phone. Later, she will say have had a major contract from 100 pages to read and sign, which has taken her time, according to two postulants.

Back to”cast.” They are 17 girls (the majority having been contacted by Mrs. above) plus other Sarodj Bertin, beautiful and nice girl, the only one in any case to drag a suitcase with her, unlike other aspirants who have just their handbags. Note unimportant at first, but that would make any sense when the pieces are in place.

On arrival, they are asked to each take a number and once they pass before a jury virtually largely Hispanic, with exception of Jean Bertin, translator Member contest organizer and adviser to the Minister embassy Haitian in Santo Domingo and another Haitian. After many speeches and information on potential advertising contracts that could win the postulants, M. Bertin, Maritza and relate Cottecheese, asked to complete a blank sheet on which they register personal information such as age, education level, address e-mail, etc.. Then, always translating from Spanish to Creole, Mr. Bertin asked each donning a bikini, just to gauge their physical, always for any advertising contracts. They pass and are planted before the jury, all smiles, number belt. This has the air of a real cast far and nobody cares. They each raises a single question whose answer was wrong information on their age, educational level and current occupation, information that had already noted on the blank sheet, but, according to Mr. Bertin this was only to get an idea of their “vocal timbre”.

They begin to ask questions after, when we choose 6 of the 18 girls on these criteria alone and in less time than it takes to say. Cottecheese is eliminated, Maritza, number 9, is called the first and Sarodj Bertin, last, as if no one had remembered her at the last minute. During this time, Sarodj tell us Maritza and Cottecheese, told anyone who would listen how much she was stressed and panicked.

The six finalists chosen will now change and donned bikinis made by the organizers. Redéfilé. Still without understanding of what is happening as they are assessed on any particular theme and show no talent that allows them to differentiate themselves from each other.

While they were still standing before the jury in a bikini and high heels, hand on hip, Magali Febles (not root!), A Dominican living in Puerto Rico and with modeling agencies both in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic to Miami, was accompanied by another member of the jury, the only Haitian and Mr. Bertin to come and read the results of the contest was ”Miss Haiti in 2010.” Yes, indeed, it took 2 hours and 30 minutes (no less!), And no assessment of intelligence or talents of 18 young girls to describe that which is most suitable to represent Haiti in 2010 and Miss Universe Winning is Sarodj Bertin, none other than the daughter of the minister, translator and member of the contest organizer, Jean Bertin, said one of the aspirants who wants to remain anonymous. The ”2010” Miss Haiti was crowned by Eva Arias, Miss Dominican Sarodj returned home with the rest of the group. Nothing is stopping that, and based on what we have reported the complainants, there is a bias because one of the organizing members is both judge and party.

One would think that this is not a Miss Haiti, but Miss Island. Better, Maritza and Cottecheese denounce the fact that a competition of this magnitude has been no publicity in the country, it has not extended throughout the car, of course, Haiti is divided into several departments and, finally, the Ministry of Culture is aware of any such activity. Moreover, in this regard, ministry officials have encouraged victims, according to Maritza Peter, to complain against the Haitian and foreign organizers by letter, with supporting evidence. Worse, the two former Miss Vidéomax are appalled to have each received an envelope containing a whopping 300 and 350 water bottles, cold comfort and premium-casting contest. Of course, the 50 most water bottles are to mark the difference between the fifth finalist (Maritza) and postulant eliminated in the first round (Cottecheese).

On Yahoo, the organizers claim that they wanted to help Haiti in trouble and the girls all slept in tents, which is an invention of its kind since no question they have not been raised, according to the girls. And anyway, 300 or 350 bottles can not be a big help. Unless of course, their photos and videos in bikini from Yahoo, Google, CNN, Tele del Mundo, YouTube, London newspapers, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic without their consent, do not contribute to that assistance” fictitious”.

In any case, the victims do not intend to remain silent and ignore what they call a scam. “”I wonder how foreigners come as Haiti and do what they want without being accountable to anyone. Who authorizes? Would question Maritza Pierre. At Miss Universe, will represent the Haitians Sarodj Haiti, but also those in the diaspora. It should not take this lightly. We want the truth to come out and stop this abuse. We are not accusing anyone in particular, however, we denounce the system operation that allows people who have credibility in Haiti (in collusion with foreigners) and take advantage of young girls who actually fought for a better future and for rebuilding their country. Many of us have won or nobly represented the country in competitions elsewhere. Again, we do Pointon any fingers, but if the accuser of individuals, their knowledge. We advocate a rule of law, it must be effective, these machinations do not happen again, that all Haitians together, we unite in honesty and respect for a real and effective reconstruction. A reconstruction first in the minds and the country subsequently concluded””, Miss Vidéomax the summer of 2005.

Cottecheese Peter continues along the same lines:””I expect that by this article, the organizers are aware of the seriousness of this plot. Sarodj Bertin is beautiful and cultured, she could have won this competition to represent Haiti with pride. But it would have been necessary, as all those who will be Miss Universe, she has competed. To win without effort is to triumph without glory. It is inhuman to trample the personality and dignity of young girls who were severely beaten and become respectable citizens. It would be wise to revise the error””.

I””I have not participated in the casting-competition for the simple reason that I never had the ambition to be Miss, the actress confesses Gessica geneus. I clearly said to Magalie Racine when she contacted me. But this is not the only reason I was suspicious from the start because I asked lots of questions to Magalie what kind of company organizing the competition etc.. But she was unable to answer me and told me that I know locally, while specifying that I was just a first date, it was not the competition. It seemed fishy. Maritza and I support Cottecheese, because you have found a solution and stop. For me it’s nothing but a girl trafficking, an outrageous use of them. This is not the first time they do this, but here it has to be known and that it cease. You can not teach patriotism to people, but respect the other is the minimum. You can not use people as dishonest way, “says the actress Barikad. It’s hard to find we still dark-skinned settlers in Haiti””.

Magalie Racine, meanwhile, denies having been aware of the history and argued in these terms:””I am not a member organizer of the contest, however, there was no contest. I was contacted for a casting not a contest, that is why I appealed to girls qualified, in my view could worthily represent Haiti has the outside. I have no idea of the selection criteria of the organizers. I appealed to these young girls to attend a cast that would precede a contest. To my knowledge, the 2010 Miss Haiti itself has not yet occurred, there was a casting””.